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2017/18 Membership Renewal

2017/18 Membership Renewal Form

We are determined not to let financial hardship serve as an obstacle to joining our synagogue.  If our dues structure presents a difficulty for your family, please do NOT complete this form.  Instead, please return to and click the 'Special Arrangement Request' link on our homepage so that we can assist you in working out a mutually agreeable plan!

Please select your renewal membership category below. After completing the form below, you must click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page to complete your membership renewal and be taken to the payment checkout page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are doing recurring credit card payments (installments), your payments are due on a monthly basis, so be sure to choose MONTHLY on the upcoming payment page!

INSTALLMENT OPTIONS: Please choose from one of the terms below WHEN you are taken to credit card payment page AFTER you hit the submit button at the end of this page!

2 Pmts (Today, 1st or 25th of the next month)

4 Pmts (Today, 1st or 25th of the next 3 consecutive months)

8  Pmts (Today, 1st or 25th of the next 7 consecutive months)

**Under 35 Family Membership

For families in which BOTH SPOUSES are under 35 years of age as of July 1, your membership now INCLUDES 2 HIGH HOLIDAY SEATS FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (the seats are for use by the immediate family—they are not transferable to others). 

As part of this benefit, we ask such under-35 families to agree to participate in (at least) one volunteer activity on behalf of the synagogue. 

To Sign Up/Renew as a Volunteer:
1. COMPLETE your renewal form & payment process.
2. THEN go back to the Homepage to access the Volunteer Link.

MEMBERSHIP TYPE LIST (Please Select below)

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

*This Membership Level includes 2 High Holiday Seats

**See Under-35 Info

**See Under-35 Info

NOTE: To Qualify for UNDER-30 rates, BOTH members must be UNDER 30 as of our annual FISCAL renewal date (JUL 1st).

**See Under-35 Info

**See Under-35 Info

  *Over 65 years of age

  *Over 65 years of age

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS are ONLY available to those currently holding full membership at another synagogue. Please provide Primary Synagogue Affiliation (include email & telephone number in the box below.


NOTE: Shaare Tefilla does NOT charge a credit card processing fee! 

Credit Card Users: TO SPLIT PAYMENTS
When you're automatically taken to the payment screen, simply CLICK the "SPLIT THIS PAYMENT" button & select 2,4, 6 or 8.

Card Type


NOTE: By checking these boxes, you are authorizing the Shaare Tefilla office to charge your credit card on file per your selection.



1. When you are automatically taken to the ShulCloud payment screen, do NOT select 'SPLIT THIS PAYMENT' or the system will assume you are paying by credit card.

2. Instead ignore that option and proceed to the payment drop down and select BILL MY ACCOUNT by CLICKING on the BAR DROP DOWN ARROW.

3. The office will then manually split your payments in ShulCloud for you based on the installment plan you have indicated on this form.

Additional Check Payment Info: If you are paying installments, we must have a currently dated check PLUS all of the remaining post-dated checks delivered or mailed to the office by July 5th.

CHECK PAYERS ONLY!  Indicate how many payments you wish the office to set up for you by checking the appropriate box below.

Grand Total Below

Tue, November 20 2018 12 Kislev 5779